Custom Built Turn-Key SaaS Platforms


The all-in-one online platform you need to run your business or project, without the time and money that it would normally take to build it.

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We code and deliver the technology framework to get your custom built platform online fast with the features that supports your specific business and products.


Main Website

Progressive front-end website to run on desktop or mobile devices. If needed custom video and specific landing pages to convert leads into buyers.


Member Portal

User registration with free or paid options. Can include simply contact information only or full KYC with ID uploads. Automated user instruction to onboard new users with confidence.


Campaign Orchestrator

Automated email and SMS integration to support member notifications with system transactions to custom communication you choose to promote.


Online Store

Products page with shopping cart and checkout through payment gateways including cards, PayPal, cryptocurrency and more. Ability to include direct product checkout with discounts and order bumps.


Video Library

Video production for sales or training with DRM management and intuitive placeholders into a course style journey for the individual who consumes the video content.


Member PayPlan

Custom coded pay plans to incentivized members to share with others, or specific affiliate status using a direct sales or MLM engine.


Admin Backoffice

Secured portal for internal management and staff to monitor and manage the user base, transactions, sales, inventory and the overall business operations.


Our SaaS are custom built and fully customized to fit your business or project. After initial meetings to define your platform and project scope, we build what you need from websites and mobile apps to videos to member portal and admin backoffice.

SaaS Platform

The fully encompassed system from marketing and sales to member registration and management with product sales including any other requirements for your business or project.

Digital Marketing

Separate from the SaaS platform that will manage and run your business, we are also well versed in digital marketing and exposing your brand to new leads through organic promotion and paid advertising. VOIC digital marketing services are offered separately regardless of any SaaS platform development.

Consolidate your time to market and reduce your development plus operating costs.

Organized workflow and predictive patterns to boost your member growth and sales.


Lesser backlogs


Lower Costs


Higher Profits


VOIC project management breaks everything down into bite size portions. This is part of a simple three-step process that delivers exceptional results with the cost and time of traditional development.

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    Team Meeting

    We meet to learn about your business and products then make a plan to build what you need.

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    Scope of Work

    We document the scope of work and project plan for you to review and then we work together to make sure everything you need for your project is included.

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    Build - Test - Deliver

    We work together to build, test and deliver your platform as a commercial product ready to produce sales and build a customer or client base for your business.


Here are a few projects we developed that are summarized by the busienss owners. Contact us if you would like to see a demo of these SaaS platforms.


Each pricing plan includes a one-time build cost. The monthly SaaS fee covers the platform technology and operating costs. Active members share of $1.00 monthly allows lower startup cost and motivation to grow together. When the member base reaches 10,000 we can negotiate a volume rate.

The video library, a customized affiliate pay plan, mobile apps and additional store products can be built for each pricing plan with an additional cost based on the scope of work requirements.


Icon $997.00/mo
  • • Website (no video)
  • • Registation and Member Portal
  • • Email Notifications
  • • Store with 6 products
  • • Admin Backoffice
  • • One Time Build $2997
  • • Active Member $1/mo


Icon $1997.00/mo
  • • Website (one video)
  • • Three Landing Pages
  • • Registation and Member Portal
  • • Email & SMS Notifications
  • • Store with 10 products.
  • • Admin Backoffice
  • • One Time Build $4997
  • • Active Member $1/mo

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